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On the first Wednesday of each  month we hold a meeting for what we have termed the "Young Guns".
Loosely these are young people in work, either there own business or employed, who have a vision to build and run their own business one day.
The only criteria for joining is that you know that this business is to be a ""KINGDOM BUSINESS"".
Please search the rest of this site to find that definition!
 We meet to discuss the principles of running a Kingdom Business and we supply the attendees with experienced Mentors, resources and the right connections to help them grow.
If you are interested please contact me


Vision & Purpose



The transformation of the Victorian/Australasian business economy, through the establishment of BEC's (Business Entrepreneurial Centre) based on the Principles of

Faith (Judeo/Christian moral, ethical and values)


Kingdom Economics

Creativity and Enterprise



To connect/Partner with the Nation of Israel as a world leader in innovation and startups.

What does we do?

We find young people who demonstrate an innate Entrepreneurial ability.

We partner Hebrew University and Rothberg International to provide intensive training that is unique in teaching not just key business skills but also key leadership skills through the study of the Judeo-Christian culture and understanding of Faith.

Our panel of experienced coaches mentor these young Entrepreneurs through the process of starting their own business, from vision and capital raising to implementation and in many cases the exit.

Our Partners

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel Through Rothberg International  School  – Education & Qualifications

Yissum – The Hebrew University Technology Transfer Company – Israeli Business Planning & Capital Partners

Sigma Partners – Venture Capital Funds Partner

ICCC – International Business Networking

Launchpad – Incubator space

Potentially -Victorian Government – Capital Partner

Individuals who support the Vision and Purpose

Why are we Unique in the Marketplace?

We start by focussing on finding and forming the individual not just the business.




Why do we do this?

We want to see Australia’s economy transformed by empowering and resourcing Entrepreneurs to create new businesses and jobs.

We want to teach the values and history make our western culture such a fertile ground for successful start-ups.

We want to engage our young Entrepreneurs in a global culture exchange and act with integrity as ambassadors for Australia.

We want to see young people have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and not believe that they just need to get a job.

We want our young people to have University education delivered in a practical and innovative way relevant to the 21st century.

We want to create an incubator with strong global partnerships…

Successful marketplace Entrepreneurs to act as coaches

Globally recognised Universities who know how to teach Entrepreneurship.

Venture capital funds who will finance start-ups.

Our Process

  1. Identify young person and receive application
  2. Start mentoring young person to develop ideas and understanding.
  3. Send to Hebrew University.
  4. Receive start-up ideas from Alumni and develop ones with potential.
  5. Start business planning process for start-up ideas.
  6. Seek funding for start-up venture.
  7. Mentor and coach, grow business.
  8. Seek further funding rounds.
  9. Potential exit.


~ 100 new Entrepreneurs educated over 10 years

~ 100 new businesses created

~ 2655 new jobs created over 10 years*

~ $290,000,000 new revenue into economy over 10 years*

Improve Melbourne’s reputation as a global start-up hub

Bring Israel’s blessing to the world

*Note all stats are completely made up but based on stats from last 10 years of business start-up statistics across all of Australia (BoS).

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